Navigation & Remote Starters

In-Dash GPS Navigation

Printed maps, followed by GPS systems and online software for mapping a trip were once a must for the road traveler in the past. With technology advancements have also come improved navigation and car GPS built into in-dash stereo receivers. Many of these systems come with easy-to-use, large touch screens for viewing your route and turn-by-turn directions, as well as interacting with other features like radio, online music streaming, MP3 players and more. With turn-by-turn directions, clearly labeled routes, and both visible and audible instructions, using your GPS navigation system is simple and straightforward. And with automatic rerouting feature, your car GPS will automatically recalculate your route if you took a wrong turn or exit, helping you get back on track effortlessly .Most up to date navigation systems include POI’s feature to help you find gas stations, restaurants ,shopping centers, and more. With an in-dash navigation system installed from Universal Car Audio, Reaching to your destination was never that easy before. It’s no wonder that navigation systems are one of the fastest growing segments of car electronics today.

Remote Starters

Are you tired of getting into a cold freezing car in winter or humid hot in summer, then it’s time to call Universal Car Audio for remote start installation. Universal Car Audio offers a wide range of remote start units so that you can make your everyday life easy. Many Remote start units are also available with additional features like keyless entry and car alarm . Remote starters are a great solution for year around driving comfort. We offer top brand names like Clifford, Excalibur, Avital and more. Call us today to make an appointment.

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