Device Integration


It’s time to move beyond staticky FM transmissions and low-quality sound–you need an iPod integration system. With the latest iPod integration technology, you can directly interface your iPod with your car audio system for clear sound and hassle-free operation! Upgrade to quality sound today with an iPod integration system from Universal car Audio. We carry a number of options for iPod integration, including add-on car radio expansion kits (for factory and aftermarket radios) as well as iPod enabled car audio decks. Both styles of iPod integration enable you to easily manage your music, either directly on your head unit or on an external display. Stop by our store to discuss different options to add iPod integration in your car. Call Universal Car Audio today to learn how our qualified installers can enhance your driving experience with iPod/ iPhone integration.


Driving and talking on your cell phone is not only dangerous, its also illegal in most of the states. Let Universal Car Audio help keep you safe and legal with Bluetooth integration services. Using the latest hands-free cell phone technology, our Bluetooth integration systems enable you to talk on your cell phone and keep both hands on the wheel at the same time. Easy to use and operate, your Bluetooth integration kit may include features like on-screen caller ID, touch screen dialing, voice command, voice texting, voice dialing, and more. Our wide selection includes Bluetooth kits for just about any vehicle, and with models ranging from portable units to aftermarket car stereos with Bluetooth technology, we’re sure to have one that’s right for your needs. For business or pleasure, Bluetooth integration is a must-have for smart drivers.